January 16, 2009

For The Next Week

I'm leaving in an Aztec (to the tune of, well you guys can figure that out). In the morning, I'm taking off for Texas, leaving the kids with Danny. Heavy sigh. I know they will have their basic needs met, but come on, we all know how Dads take care of kids.

Another sad note is that one of my BFFs Dad passed away yesterday. So, I will be attending a memorial service for them when I'm home.

Thanks for keeping up with my morbid blog. And, thanks for all your prayers. I pull strength from everywhere, so it does help. Now...if you can muster a prayer, chant, lighted candle, or something for my kids next week, I would sooooo appreciate it. Love to all!

Oh, I will be updating on facebook since my dad's computer won't let login on blogger.

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