January 3, 2009

Eldora Ski 2009

It has been a busy and fun week with Jase and the boys here. Below are a FEW of the hundreds of pictures of the clan on the mountain. First, I'll start with Tony:

This is my baby after 3 days of skiing. Does he look tired or what? Okay, let me back up...

Here's the crew on the first day, ready to hit the slopes. All fresh and anxious to get a move on.

Here's Tony. His technique is simply "point and shoot".

Then, we have Marisa. She is more into the "style"...bend the knees, square off the shoulders, keep the head up, use arms for balance and drive, etc.

Jase...he was trying his best to keep up with the younger crew. And, he did an amazing job. The only rest he got was during the lift rides. Thanks, Jase, for being the best uncle on the slopes!

And, Danny. Our only skier. No falls, spills, sprangs, or soreness. Great!

Parker...another "point and shoot" and sometimes, Tony's fall break. Nice form, dear.

Lastly, "Mr. I-don't-need-snowboarding-lessons-I-know-just-what-I'm-doing", we have Jaron. Another stylist, but with speed and natural determination to keep from wiping out on the way down. Look at that cutting edge...Cool!

As for me, I don't ski or snowboard any longer. I take pictures, hang out at the lodge, shop, drink hot chocolate, and read a good book while all the other crew is freezing their tails off and risking life and limb up on the mountain.


  1. I think I would be with you if we came there. I would be in the lodge drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and taking photos. No skiing for this little chickadee.

  2. I bet everyone had a blast. I've never skied and really have no interest, but I would love to try tubing. Did I say that right? lol