January 22, 2009

Hello, From Texas

Last time I tried to log into blogger while in Texas, I couldn't do it. This time, no problem. Go figure...

I've been updating on my facebook account, so if you have facebook and you are my friend, then you know what's been going on. Mom has a staph infection AGAIN that she is battling. Dad just had radiation treatment for skin cancer that he had removed and he is doing his IVIG treatments this week.

Danny is home with the kids having to keep up with homework and teenage stuff.

The weather here in Texas is awesome: not too hot, not too cold, it's just right. I come home from the hospital each day worn out, completely exhausted both physically and emotionally. I read my emails and facebook posts for all the support and prayers and I feel less alone out here.

I went to the half-priced book store to restock on my cheap reading habit and got a milkshake from Burger Box (one of my favorite places). I'll have to go to Wishes & Dreams to get a bunch of DeeJay's candles before I return to Colorado.

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