January 12, 2009

Snow. Snow. Snow.

It snowed today. Really, it did! We got about 4 inches in 2 hours which made for a messy morning. I was able to get the kids to school. Danny had to work from home. Dang, it's difficult getting around in the snow in a Spyder convertible, Dan-O. As Danny "worked", I cleaned. I had planned on heading up to Archivers to scrapbook, but decided against it.

Once the snow stopped, Danny got outside and shoveled the heavy, wet mess from the drive and sidewalk. Lucy had her eye on a pesky squirrel that taunts her! The squirrel was enjoying a nut of some kind about 2 feet away from Lucy's reach in the backyard. One of these days....

Anyway, Mom is still in the hospital. Her status changes hourly just about. The latest, as of 4:30pm mountain time, is that the surgery is too risky, so her heart issue will be treated with medication. Still deciding if rehab is the next step or pallative care at home. I'm still heading out to Texas at the end of the week.

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  1. I will pray for your mother and your family at this time Angie.