January 27, 2009


I returned to work today. I was glad to do so. Focusing on others keeps my mind from wandering too much. I still called the hospital to see how things were going, but I didn't have time to rumminate over it.

Marisa has a bunch of homework to get through tonight. Tony, well, he never has homework. He's a know-it-all like his dad! No kidding!

I told Tony I would take him to get a haircut. His hair is so long now, and blonde and shaggy. He wants to use my straightener. I told him no because he would look like Rod Stewart. Tony's response..."who's that?" (A sign of the times!)

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  1. One of my daughter's favorite songs is "Stuck in 1985".. She says, "Oh mom it is just like you!" and I reply *sigh*.