October 25, 2008

On The Road To Better Days

Today was my last day of work at the school. I am now among the ranks of a WAHM! Well, after another 2 weeks of orientation, that is. I'm still learning how to access voice mail and the computer program. Danny works at home every Wednesday. I can't decide it I should schedule my patient visits on Wednesday or stay home that day? Hmm....

We went to the last high school football game of the Marisa's 9th grade year. I don't know where we failed as parents, but our kids just aren't into high school football as we were. Maybe it's too cold. As you can tell, the kids are in their Lightning hoodies. Marisa is a squirt next to Tony now. At half time, the cold got the better of us and we headed over to LODO's for a bite to eat. It's a Sports Bar & Grill. I know Tony is growing up because he commented that he was going to bring his "dates" there. Get a job first, son!

Later today Marisa is working "trick or treat street", a high school art club sponsored haunted house for little kids. The halls of the high school are decorated and candy is given out to the little kids. She actually gets volunteer service for this. Danny is going to help out.

Oh! News flash! Danny and Tony are planning on finishing the basement. They are starting with the bathroom (just something else for me to clean up). Danny priced out that it will take about $500 to complete it. I should take before and after pictures, but the before pictures will fade out by the time the after pictures are taken. Remember, we've been "finishing the basement" for 4 years now...


  1. welcome to the world of wahm. I don't do anything at home that gets extra cash but have thought a couple of times I should call myself a wahm because I do work.

  2. That's right! We are all WAHMs! My kids love when I stay home. Happy Birthday to your son, by the way! ang