October 27, 2008


I picked up Marisa from school today. She was in a good mood, chatting all the way home. She had stopped by the cafeteria and bought a Subway sandwich to eat when she got home. So, after lunch, she went upstairs to her room to do homework. I thought I heard her talking, and this is what I found...

She was on the phone with her friend William. All the while, she was doing math homework, actually computing on the graph calculator, never missing a beat. Then, she pulled out her biology homework.

I have no idea if the homework is correct. At this point, I'm not complaining because the work is getting done. I'm glad she is doing the homework in the first place. I can't figure out how she can do anything in that pig-sty of a room. UGH! It is her room....it is her homework.... (repeat)

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