October 18, 2008


The pictures are uploaded! My portion anyway. I'm still waiting on Meg and Lori, but I have a year, right girls?!? So, here is the outside of Traditions Mountain Lodge. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! It was so peaceful and relaxing as we drove up the mountain drive.

Next is ONE of the views from my bedroom. My room had a walkout sliding door. We actually saw a deer scurry around. It was SO peaceful (sorry, did I say that already?).

Here is another view from the bottom porch. I had to walk around the way by the mudroom to get this one. Directly above me is the kitchen. And, let me tell you, we ATE well! The food was great, homecooking, right out of Paula Dean's magazines. Our hostess was marvelous!

Now for the interior. This is the downstairs sitting room, just off my bedroom. In the morning, I was the first up (surprised?) and I would start the old-fashioned perculator, sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and relax..oh, there's that word again!

I have to show you this one...this is the bar in the downstairs sitting room. If you look really closely, you can see the old-fashioned perculator. That's it! That's where I got my coffee each morning. I love sharing!

Now for the good stuff. This is where we cropped all weekend. This room is massive in size! It is located directly above the sitting room and bar where I would wake up early and start the old-fashioned perculator. However, this room was far from relaxing. It was hoppin'! We were Croppin'! My station is the closest to the front. If you look closely, you can see Marisa and Tony on the chopping block.

And, here is my dear, dear friend Lori and Creative Memories consultant extraordinare! She and Megakins (Meg) baked me a German Chocolate Cake from scratch! And, they brought it up in a moving box that I thought was a box full of unorganized photos! The little, sweet, thoughtful sneaks!

It's been one week and I WANT TO GO BACK! I had a fantastic birthday with my friends, buried away in the mountains, working on one of my most favorite hobbies. I recieved phone calls from all my family and friends. It snowed! We ate! We cropped! We laughed! Yes...and it was my birthday! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who took part! I love you dearly! My schedule is open in the spring for another girl trip!


  1. great photos Ang. I hope you get to go back sometime. It looks like a great place to spend your birthday.

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  3. How fun to have a hobby that you can do as a group. I love social time!