October 12, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Sorry it's been a while since my last entry, but I've been in the mountains and I'm still here! I am at a friend's wonderful mountain home. It's been a scrapbook marathon! And, to make it even better, yesterday was my 45th birthday. FORTY-FIVE. Yea, that's right, sometimes I still feel 30ish and other times I feel more like infinity and beyond. Anyway, I'll have to post pictures later because I left my thumb drive at home. I got phone calls from all my family and friends. I've worked on my 2007 scrapbook, made Christmas gift tags, and made a card for Marisa. I've eaten until I grew a third chin, so you know the food is great! My friends made me a German Chocolate Cake from scratch and it was delicious! We saw deer walking in the front yard, watched the snow fall, listened to 80's music, cropped in our flannel pajamas, talked, and laughed all weekend. We leave this afternoon...bummer. Tonight, I will return to reality for tomorrow I have another job interview for a PRN (per diem) Social Work position at the hospital. Happy Sunday, my friends!


  1. your the same age as my beloved husband:) he'll be 45 on november 16th:) congratulations, and happy birthday! God bless you!