October 28, 2008

Getting Back To Normal

Bite my tongue, but things have started to settle down around here. I worked 5 long hours today and accomplished alot! I'm learning a new McKesson computer program and with each patient, the process gets easier. Hopefully, I'll get to go to the laptop soon, which means I'll be mobile and can work from home.

Marisa called me from the library...yes, I said the library. She was actually doing research on Booker T. Washington. She asked me to come pick her up at 4pm. Hey! At least she WENT to the library.

About 4:20pm Tony and his friend from his new school waltzed in the door and went straight downstairs to play guitar hero or PS something. Tony sure has adjusted well. He confided that he was "just a public school kid at heart".

Then, Danny walked through the door. He had a doctor's appointment today because he was experiencing chest pains. We thought it was from a cold, but since he is over 40 years old and overweight we thought it best to have it checked out.

Leftovers for dinner. After dinner, Danny and Marisa went to the store to get salad fixings. Yes, I volunteered to provide salads for the parent/teacher conferences at Tony's school tomorrow. I just couldn't help myself.

Now, I'm in my pajamas waiting for Dancing with the Stars. Night to all...

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  1. I'm glad Tony is having an easy adjustment to public school.

    Getting into pajamas sounds so comfy. It's been cold here and that makes me want to be in pajamas and under a blanket all the time!!