October 3, 2008


Never a dull moment at the GarzaClan household. That's what I was told by a very sweet co-worker when I showed her the pictures of last night's latest escapade. Now, I will share it with my bloggy friends...

I was watching the Palin-O'Biden debate and twittering political comments when Marisa came downstairs to tell me that she got the comb stuck while blowdrying her hair. What? I couldn't understand what she was telling me due to maniacal laughter. How on God's green earth did she manage that?

I tried to unwind her hair, but to no avail. So, I thought I would cut off the bristles. My thinking was that making the bristles shorter would make it easier to unravel the hair. Nope...wasn't working.

So, Danny came over to help out. He could do it because he can do anything. You know..."the favorite one" and all. Marisa was getting a little worried.

FINALLY! After cutting the comb into tiny little pieces and allowing Marisa's hair to partially dry, Danny was able to save her long, lop-sided bangs. The comb is completely trashed. You can't even tell she had a comb stuck to her head. I was able to photo journal the event, listen to the debate, and twitter at the same time.

Marisa: "Mom, are you gonna blog this, too?"
Me: "Yep...never a doubt in my mind."


  1. lol! How does that happen?? So funny.

  2. i recall getting gum stuck in my hair. not a pleasant experience. we tried everything to get it out. the only way to get it out was to cut it out.

  3. OH my gosh, that's hilarious!! Good job getting the comb out, I don't know how yall did it!