September 1, 2008

Purge Day

Every year we use Labor Day as a way to purge all the excess stuff around the house, in the corners, under the beds, behind the sofas, etc. Today was no different. Danny tackled the yard and the garage. The kids tackled their rooms. I took down everything else and the kids. Tony did the best, after all he sleeps in a hammack remember? Marisa, well, dear sweet Marisa, will have to continue purging next weekend and again for a month of Sundays. She is the poster child for "pack rat". Poor thing becomes totally immobilized with all the stuff in her room.

I also got a big tub to store the best of the toys, stuffed animals, and handmade memorabilia. Tony gave up more than Marisa. I have his army men, Kenectix sets, Bionicals, Build-A-Bear dog, wooden trucks from Mexico that he colored with markers, GI Joe foot locker, and books. Marisa said she is going to get back to me with stuff for storage. Tisk, tisk...

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