September 16, 2008

I Don't Have Anything To Do...., Marisa, can I organize your notebooks? WHAT! I keep telling Marisa that the key to staying up on top of things in high school is to keep organized. She doesn't believe me, but she told me to go ahead! I gathered the 3-hole punch, the stapler, and colored paper clips. We hung out in her room, listened to music, and ORGANIZED her notebooks. (What she doesn't realize is that tomorrow evening is parent/teacher conferences. Now, I can converse intelligently with the teachers and there shouldn't be any surprises. Ideally, that is...)

Despite the fact that she was laughing at me and looking at me out of the corner of her eye, we had a good time. When Tony realized what we were doing, he quietly got up from his computer and shut his bedroom door. I'm not offended, I'll catch up with him later...

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  1. I just had that talk with my daughter about getting her things organized so that she felt less stressed out.

    As for the worms that I posted about, I didn't get rid of them. They went away on their own. I guess they floated off the driveway and dug their way into the ground. They were very interesting creatures.