September 7, 2008

Technology, My True Love

Marisa had to write an allusion. So, she equated technology to a true love; written in a love letter. Where does she get these ideas? (Duh...) To be honest, she was writing this 'tongue & cheek' because Danny and I have used some of these phrases when we are getting on to her for having that dang phone with her ALL the time. So, the stretch isn't too far out there:

"We’ve come along way, baby! I remember when you first entered my life. You were a gift. I had to learn your ways.

You are my lifeline to society. I can not go one day without you for fear of isolation. You are like a child at night for I must answer your call. I have to see you and touch you. I can not put you down. You go with me everywhere. You make my life simple and happy. Everything about you is at my fingertips. Your core remains the same, but as time goes by you become new and improved. You are so amazing. I look forward to being with you in ten years.

When I am with you I know I can go to the moon and beyond. With you I do not worry about sickness. You prolong my life.Where I once stood independent, I am now dependent upon you. I love you so much that I do not know how I ever lived without you."

Did you hear any parental mocking? (clear throat...)

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