September 5, 2010

Thank You, Miss Julia

When visiting with patients recently, 'reading' has been a prevalent topic. Since I love reading too, our conversations focused on favorite authors, genre, series, etc. A common series that has popped up a few times are the Miss Julia adventures by Ann B. Ross. Miss Julia is a recently bereaved and newly wealthy widow that finds herself in all kinds of adventures.

My patients revealed that they would share the books with their daughters and/or vise versa. This caught my attention as well because my mom and I used to do the same thing with the Stephanie Plum series.

I know this probably sounds insignificant, but it's the seemingly little things that are held dear to me. A simple exchange of books with my mom each summer is one of the things I miss so greatly about her. It's heartwarming and validating that other mothers/daughters also share in the love of a good page turner! Thank you, Miss Julia!

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