September 3, 2010


I was inspired by one of my friends to compile a list of 100 accomplishments in my life. No matter how big or small, it all accounts for who I am! So, here goes:

Knows Jesus~Never wrote a hot check~Can drive a stick shift~Conversion to Catholicism~National Latin Honor Society~ Hiked in the Rocky Mtn Natl Forrest~Licensed Social Worker in Colorado~Visited the Isle of Capri~Parenting Marisa~Traveled to Rome~Certified in CPR/First Aid~Hosted parties~Played the flute in the band~Went fishing~Bachelor degree in PreLaw~Volunteer Recognition in Adams 12 Schools~Ate chocolate covered ants~Waterskiied~Married "The Favorite One"~ Savvy Auntie~Served Baskin Robbins ice cream~Have Tanya Tucker's autograph~Took cooking classes at Rocky Mtn Cooking School~FBLA member~Successfully performed the Heimlich to a 4 year old~Taught Jr Kindergarten~Supportive sister~Saw the Badlands~Taught 3rd grade Catachism classes~Out drove a hurricane~Installed a ceiling fan~Worked in a western store~Early Childhood Education Certification~Traveled to the Bahamas~Danced with Miss Persis~Delivered Thanksgiving dinner to the homebound~Academic honor roll in college~Employee of the month~Case Management Certification~Drove a pick up truck~Graduated high school~Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity~ Turned the other cheek~Played on a softball team~Sold Cosmetics~ Licensed Social Worker in Texas~Girl Scout Leader~Jewelry Junction~Rode on a motorcycle~Went to Disney World~Vacationed in Yellowstone~Published family cookbooks~Skinny dipped~Doting daughter~Craft show artist~Scrapbook memories~Can rollerskate~Traveled to Caracas~Won in Las Vegas~Rode ferris wheel at Texas State Fair~Traveled to Jamaica~Owned Spectrum Business Associates~Played the clarinet~Makes dang good chili~Parenting Tony~Traveled to London~Droved a mustang~Makes homemade bread~Played for the Guild 4 times~Had braces~Wrote a play~Masters degree in Social Work~Snowskiied~Slept amongst the sharks~Facilitated pet therapy sessions~Can ride a bike~Rode a horse~Made soap~Sang Karaoke~Took care of Mom at end of life~Made my own clothes~Maid of Honor~Bought homes~Have a blog~homeroom mom~Started writing a book~Painted the house~Research family histories~Flew in a helicopter~Survived a tornado~Got my driver's license~Bought Christmas gifts for the underprivleged~Went snorkeling~Donated care to a children's home~Have lots of BFFs~Child Protective Services Specialists~Held the hands of the dying~On the track team in junior high~Pitched a tent~Drove through Raton Pass in a snow storm

Wow! Can you name your 100?

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