September 24, 2010

Status Change

Call it what you will, a status change, an adjustment, a shift in power, a tipping of the scale. I don't know at this point, but we have a change in our family that needs some getting used to!

Marisa has her driver's license! Full on, no DMV restrictions, brand new driver's license!

It just so happened that when she tested for her license, the Heavens opened up and decided to rain. The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees. And, I scheduled a hair appointment (a highlight no less!) at the same time. Co-incidence? Not for the hair appointment at least!

I'm thinking this means a third car will be sitting in our driveway soon. I'm also thinking about the increase in our car insurance costs! I'm also thinking I need to budget for additional highlights for the increased gray hairs from worry.

With all this being said, the advantages to another driver in the house are abundant as well. She can driver herself to school (and the Tonster). She can drive herself to her own ortho/dentist appointments (and the Tonster). She can run errands for us! She can get a job! She has the opportunity for more 'grown-up responsibilities'.

Send good thoughts and well-wishes our way if you please. In January, Tony starts driver's education.

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