September 13, 2010

McDowell Clan

I love genealogy! This is a picture of the original photo of the 3 McDowell boys. The parents are William Addison McDowell and Mary Ann Scott. Son Will is the one in the middle. He looks like a successful businessman of the times! Son Bedford is on the right in the black hat. Son Scott is on the left. This photo was taken in the 1880s, either in Mississippi or Tennessee.

Below is one of my favorite portraits of the McDowell Clan. It was taken around 1906, possibly in Mississippi. They are the boys of Bedford Forrest McDowell (on right above) and Rachel Josephine Roberts (daughter of William Francis Roberts and Amanda M. Hollingsworth). My line is from the oldest sibling, Alfred Franklin McDowell.

B.F. & Rachel's boys: oldest is Alfred Franklin (10/3/1887) center; top left is Barney Clyde (4/22/1891); top right is Edwin Clarence (1/16/1893); bottom right is George Richard (8/12/1899); bottom left is Lonnie Hester (2/27/1902); baby is Carl Leonard (2/6/1905).

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