May 26, 2011

Quiet Moment Things

I really cherish my days off from work. It gives me a chance not to get a lot of housecleaning done, but a chance to rejuvenate and rest! It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind of grocery shopping, kid drama, adult drama, cleaning, work, dinner, yard, etc. Some days, I just want to be quiet.

One of my quiet moment things to do is nothing. Absolutely nothing! I give myself permission not to feel guilty for doing nothing. However, with that being said, when I get bored of the nothingness, I like to read. I will read anything, even a textbook! (Hey...Danny read a set of encyclopedias at a young age. I'm in compatible company!)

Crafts! I love crafts! Scrapbooking and jewelry are my favorites. Sometimes I get my stuff out just to look at everything. Weekend retreats just add to the enjoyment.

Exploring the town with nothing inparticular in mind is fun for me. I love finding a new store or shop that is hidden away or off the beaten path. There are so many treasures to find when you are not looking, especially in an old bookstore or quaint resale shop. Add a cup of coffee and I'm in heaven!

Going to the movies. I will go to the movies with anyone including myself. I love getting lost in the big screen!

Playing in the kitchen. Sometimes I will read through my litany of cookbooks and spend the day 'prepping' for nothing inparticular, yet everything possible. Danny and I are looking into Indian cuisine classes. It's so nice he shares this interest.

This next one is fun for me. Takes me down memory lane. Ready? Getting the mail! Seriously! We can go days without heading out to the mailbox. It wasn't always this way. When the kids were little, going to the mailbox was a huge deal. They would dress up, load up, and saddle up for an adventure down the sidwalk. The kids took turns opening the box and carrying the paper treasures back home, fighting off imaginary quests along the way. Good memories from this one!

The dogs! As much as I moan and groan about them, they are wonderful little furry, snuggly friends. When the kids are home, the dogs are glued to them, primarily because the dogs get some treat or bowl of something they ain't supposed to have. But when I'm home alone, I give them treats and bowls of something they ain't supposed to have, but I also let them curl up on the bed, too!

And finally, naps! I wish I had back every nap I fought when I was a kid. I love the feeling of being in the twilight zone that afternoon naps bring. Of course, having the TV on for background noise helps get into that zone.

Yep, days off are cherished! These days seem to go by quicker than work days. Relentless time. Take the time to enjoy.

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