May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Since Danny is out of town this weekend, and the kids are 'hanging out' with friends, I decided to take some time and make a few pieces of jewelry for myself.

So, off to Bead Haven I went.

My work station is never organized.

But, the end result is quite nice, I think!

Happy Mother's Day! I'm rather proud of myself and can't wait to wear these pieces.


  1. Happy mothers day to you too Angie. The jewellery looks beautiful.

  2. Your work station looks like mine! And, from one creator of beautiful things to another . . . it looks pretty organized to me!!

    I just found your blog and have been enjoying it very much. Some of your "favorite reads" are mine, as well!

    I have been specifically looking for other Catholic Moms who have cool pictures on their sites and this is why . . .
    I have (what I think is) a pretty cool project happening over at Woodlands Home. I hope you can take a minute to click on over and leave me your link! This is going to be an on-going weekly post. The whole idea is for people to share their point of view on a given subject. A simple picture is all that is needed: 1 Theme - Many Perspectives!