May 11, 2011

Bad Girl!

This is the work of our pooch monster, Liebe. Yea, the cute one! But don't let the cuteness fool ya'. She was a terror today. She also got up on the coffee table, stole a piece of potpourri, chewed on the baseboard, pulled Marisa's stuffed animals off the bed, ate a piece of Marisa's artwork, and drug out one of my hiking boots. Bad...Bad...Bad! She was given 2 rawhides to chew on, but obviously that wasn't enough.

To be fair, she didn't poop in the basement. Guess it coulda been worse!


  1. LOL!!! Sorry to laugh, but she sounds like my very naughty yet sweet looking golden retriever, Luke!

  2. I remember when our dog was like that. it will get better. now pepper chewing anything is only a memory for me.