October 3, 2010

Permission Granted

Have you ever had great plans, but just couldn't get going? Yesterday, I was planning on putting up the Halloween/Fall decorations, but just didn't. I had every intention of redecorating for the Fall season, but it was a cool, crispy, sunny morning. I made a pot of coffee, then decided to bake a breakfast casserole.

But not just any casserole, it was one with all the 'goodies', like bacon, sauteed onions, two kinds of grated cheese, and tomatoes from our garden. Tasted great! Family loved it!

Then, instead of going to the garage and pulling out the Fall decoration box or going to the basement and finding the Fall decoration tub, I changed focus. I pulled out the flannel sheets and blankets from the storage closet. They were washed, fluffed, and put on the beds (remember the mornings are now cool, crisp, and sunny).

I couldn't resist! I put my pajamas back on, crawled back into my nice flannel-hugged bed and READ all day. I granted myself permission to BE, to relax, to do nothing, and to let the world (my household) fin for themselves.

Sunday is another day! I have great plans to go shopping at Kohls, then maybe head over to Michael's to check out new Fall/Halloween decorations. Perhaps something new will help me get the job done, or not, we'll see. Que sera...

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  1. Oh, my tiger picture was taken last Thanksgiving at the Denver Aquarium when my dad, brother, and nephews were visiting.