October 16, 2010


Here's our cropping crew: Lori, Louise, Meg, Peggy, Me, and Cindy. We have so much fun each and every time we go to the mountains. This is Louise's first time to crop with us as she is visiting Meg from Maine. We are so glad she could come with us, an instant friend. Next trip my SIL Eileen and her/our friend Ginger are coming!

We are always well fed! Tonight menu was salmon, chicken, roasted veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, and the fixin's.

Dessert is always a treat! A serious treat!
These chocolate volcano cream puffs were dessert from earlier today.

For tonight's dessert, we had pumpkin spice cake in honor of Cindy's and my birthdays. So very, very good. We walk in on Thursdays and roll out on Sundays....every time!

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