October 31, 2010

Creatures Of The Night

We have so much fun dressing up for this night. Now that the kids are older and trick-or-treat by themselves (yes, they still do this), Danny and I dress up to hand out candy.

At first, Danny and I were considering Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth, but I don't have fake fingernails (truth be told, I chickened out!). So, I did my old stand-by...The Witch!

And here's Bud, the Cowboy. If we still lived in Texas, T would make a good cowboy.

Best of all! This photo! Danny dressed up as The Undead Wizard.
Marisa, well, Marisa is Marisa.
Happy Halloween (All Hallow's Eve) to all!

1 comment:

  1. Just one more thing we have in common! Halloween and dressing up to scare the dickens outta folks! Check out my pics from last years Wrecking Crew Haunted House on my FB profile. I haven't posted this years yet! Love your costumes!