December 10, 2008

Updated Family Photos

We took new family photos tonight. Fisrt one is Danny and me. We've been married almost 17 years now. Yes, we are a little older and a little wider...wiser...wider, but we are still productive members of society!
Next, is our baby girl, Marisa. She is 15 years old and LOVES high school with a passion. But, her favorite subject is not is boys! Heaven help up!
Because, this is our baby boy. He is Mr. Popularity. Girls love him. Teachers love him. We love him. He's only 13 years old.
And, here we are all together. Stunning bunch we are, if I do say so myself.


  1. Great pictures, I get warm fuzzies all over. I cant believe its been 17 years! That is awesome, and Marisa and Tony are some great looking kids. The new pictures are great!


  2. You ARE a stunning bunch! I forget how straight your hair is up in Colorado!


  3. great shots Angie.

    I love all of them. I don't think I have seen photos of your husband yet.

    Madeline starts high school in 6 weeks and I think her favourite subject will be socializing with the boys too.

  4. Those are great pictures!! And your banner picture of your kids is really good!!