December 18, 2008

Teenagers Equal Grey Hair

Today was Marisa's last final and the end of her first semester in high school. Oh, heck! I can't believe it. So, of course, she wants to hang out with friends. I get home from work, it's starting to snow AGAIN, and I get slammed with requests to take her and a friend to the mall. I say okay.

Marisa gets on the phone and I hear, "Okay, Adam, my mom and I will pick you up in 15 minutes." I don't get a chance to even open my mouth, because the social princess has run upstairs to put on her makeup and her favorite hoodie.

We get in the car and I ask about Adam. He's just a friend, Mom.

We arrive at Adam's house and he and his dad come out to the car. We introduce ourselves and the dad says, "Nice to meet you, I'll pick them up about 5:30 or 6pm AFTER THE MOVIE."

We drive off and I say, as casually as possible, "So, what movie?" Well, neither have decided yet, but they are thinking about the James Bond movie or the Four Christmases movie.

On the way home, I stop off at Nick-N-Willy's for a pizza. Since it is snowing again, I text Tony to see if he wants me to pick him up from school. His reply was:


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  1. I think I started getting gray in the toddler years. My children always make sure I know my age and tell me often that my hair has gray strands in it.