December 1, 2008

The Aftermath

Hi ya'll! (Sorry, had to do kids said I sound "hick-y" when I come back from Texas.) Anyway, we had a great time with our families. And, of course, I have no photos yet. Marisa got a really nice camera ("the Ashon Kutcher" as she calls it). So, all pictures will be from the view of my 15-year-old-texting-is-boring-now daughter. That is, once we figure out how to get the pics off the camera without accidently uploading everything to Youtube.

We were able to spend time with both sides of the family. Once again, Marisa and Tony spent time with their cousins, Parker and Jaron. When they get together...brains leave and the havoc begins. More on that when the picutres come to fruition and you can "see" what I'm talking about.

It took us 17 hours to drive home. We ran into a blizzard in New Mexico and icy road conditions that had us to a crawl on I-25 in Colorado Springs for the 4 extra hours. Needless to say, I was a basket case when we got home. But, today, I get to pay bills, do laundry, go shopping for food, and go to the dentist.

So, bye for now! Marisa and I will work on those pictures for ya'll. Sorry...

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