December 28, 2008

The Goods

Well, finally I get the pictures up. It has been busy around here, getting ready for my brother and his boys. They arrive tomorrow, so the next week will be filled with teenage mutant mayhem and lots of snowboarding!

Here are a few pics from our good, old-fashioned, GarzaClan family Christmas. We start off with the kids by the Christmas tree. They are too big now to actually be in front of the tree and they are by all means too cool as well. So, they opted to sit next to the tree. We don't dress up much around here. It's come as you are...
But that's not to say, we don't try to look our best! For those that remember last spring, Tony loves to maintain that "beach-boy-skateboarder-dude-look". And, well, now he can!
And, as for Marisa, we are thrilled she is out of the "black-beetlejuice-gothic-look". White does become her better.
But, that's not all for Marisa. This was where she sat to open her gifts. I think this says it all about my teenage girl. Let's, Vera Wang perfume (not toilet water), Red Bull, and a small crystal bowl of candy. The hot chocolate in the Christmas cup is mine.
And, there you have it. Now, I look forward to taking oodles of pictures this coming week of the "Fab Four". On guard...

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