December 6, 2008


Came home yesterday to find a police card on the door that said "please call about the fence". My first thought: "Damn it, what did Tony do now?" (I know, poor kid!)

Then, I noticed another card that said, "I am the Dad of J** P** that slid into your fence. I would love you to call me so I can get our fence fixed or even fix it for you with his help. PLEASE CALL. Thank you, M***"

I honestly didn't notice anything wrong with the fence until I turned the corner and...

Apparently, this 16-year-old boy was driving down the street and slid into the fence. It was icy and snowy earlier in the day and he lost control of the car. He was honest enough to call his dad who met him at the crash site. They called the police. The police did not ticket him, however, according to the dad, "lectured him to no end". As a result, the kid and his dad are fixing our fence. Danny and I both called the dad to make sure the boy was okay and to arrange for restitution. The dad stated several times how he appreciated our understanding and kindness.

I didn't tell the dad this, but 1) we have a teenager almost at driving age, 2) our school had recently lost a teen to a driving accident so we have that on our minds, 3) nothing beats good, hard manual labor for a teenager doing restitution, and 4) KARMA...what goes around comes around.


  1. The honesty of that family is really to be admired! How nice for you if it was to happen, to be them.

  2. I agree DeeBee. Many teens would have tried to cover it up.