November 15, 2008


...makes you feel so good! Today, Marisa and I put together holiday and supplemental food baskets at the Visiting Nurse Association (where I work). These baskets are for families in the Denver area are homebound due to illness or accidents. Marisa really enjoyed herself and she also gets community service credits at school.

Danny and Tony voluteenered at Immaculate Conception making tamales with our spanish-speaking parishoners. The monies raised from the tamale sales will go to Sister Carmen to help those in Boulder County with electric and water bills and to our parish assistance fund for those in need.

The rest of the day is for us as a family now. So, after lunch which includes tamales, we'll probably 'hang-out' at the local movie theater. Later tonight, when it gets dark, Marisa and I will read Twilight.


  1. I saw a tamale recipe online once and it looked complicated. Do you make them often? I would love to try them sometime.

  2. if i was alot healthier, i would volunteer. but, since i can't, i donate what i can to charities that need it:) donating can be as rewarding as volunteering:)