November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans

We are heading down to Texas for Thanksgiving. Marisa's birthday is actually on Thanksgiving Day this year. I haven't seen my parents since August and I'm looking forward to visiting with them again. Considering...we didn't expect Mom to be with us this holiday, so we are blessed and very, very, very thankful!

We will be visiting with Danny's family as well. We are planning a road trip (like driving to Texas isn't a road trip aleady) to Canton for a huge trades sale! Marisa will probably play golf with her Papa, that is always special for the both of them. Tony will get to visit with his Confirmation sponsor. Even though it will be a short visit, it will be very meaningful for our families.


  1. I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Texas this year also. We aren't having a traditional dinner since we will be in a hotel, but it'll be great.

    Have a nice visit with your family, especially your mom.

  2. have a great thanksgiving. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but last year I made the children a pumpkin pie because it looked so yummy. Maybe I will do it again this year.