November 19, 2008

Space Teens

...on bikes. I chaperoned the 8th grade to Career Day at the Denver Merchandise Mart yesterday. The kids were to go to different career pathways and interview folks for potential jobs, education opportunities, etc. One of the booths was for HazMat situations. Well, of course, the boys LOVED dressing up in the Tyvek suits. They got to keep them. The boys had to take them off for the bus ride back to the school, but after school the boys put them back on and rode bikes around the neighborhood. Here is Tony and one of his friends, two others already rode off down the street. Man, I can only imagine what drivers were thinking. But, if they live in our neighborhood, they know these boys and nothing surprises them. Tony's zipper broke on his, so he used duct tape to "fix" it. Very comical kids...

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