November 10, 2008

Last One Standing

When I let Lucy outside yesterday morning, this little leaf-soldier was hanging onto the tree branch. It was the last leaf on this tree. Note: this is also the tree that the resident squirrel hangs out to pester Lucy! Lucy sits by the back door crying and whining to go outside. She darts out the door and straight for this tree. The squirrel, hearing the door unlock, bolts from this tree and dashes across the yard to the evergeen (in the background) then scurries up the fence to the birdhouse! Lucy tries so hard to catch this squirrel, but never makes it. However, she has come pretty close at times, trampling the strawberry plants in the process. Since there are no more leaves on this tree, the squirrel hasn't been so brave to cross the yard again.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder what she'll do when she catches that squirrel. I shudder to think.