April 25, 2011

Teen Speak, Part II

Top ten statements that Danny and I are really tired of hearing:

10) 'We don't have anything to eat." (Translation...'I'm too lazy to make something myself.')
9) 'Are you watching TV?' (Translation...'I want to play xbox and you're in my way.')
8) 'Whatever!' (Translation...'That's stupid, shut up!')
7) 'So!' (Translation...'I don't care what you say!')
6) 'That's so gay!' (Translation...'Wow, you're old!')
5) 'Chill...' (Multiple translations...'hang out', 'calm down')
4) 'Shut my door!' (Translation...'I want to text in private.')
3) 'I'll be home in a little.' (Translation...'Don't tell me a curfew.')
2) 'Seriously?' (Multiple translations...'really?', 'no way', 'are you kidding?')
1) 'I know, right?' (Translation...'I know, right?')