April 30, 2011


Finally! I'm enjoying some much needed downtime. I put in a 40-hour work week covering for the clinical manager. I am not an office person, so sitting in a chair was really hard to do. Plus, Danny had off two days last week and I missed hanging out with him.

Of course! On a Saturday, I woke up early, but it was so quiet. I just sat and listened to nothing. Golden! Then, the house started to stir. Danny had to pick up Marisa from a friends house. Tony went in to Habitat to volunteer. The dogs chased squirrels and ate bird seed in the backyard. I decided to play games on the computer. I'm now playing Mahjong Trails and Gardens of Time.

Laundry is going, but at a slow pace. Let the clothes sit in the dryer for a bit. I'm in no hurry. Kitchen is clean because I haven't cooked anything. Coffee pot is still on even though it's mid-afternoon. The sun is shining and it's cool outside. Awww.....

Nice. Downtime.

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