January 12, 2011

Tony's World

Tony is in a band. They came to the house to practice. Marisa took pictures for me.

Party time!


Tony quit texting! Your at band practice...

Party on, Garth!

Party on, Wayne!

I know, right!? Message to my husband...please have the Tonster clean up after the session! PLEASE!!!


  1. It looks like you have a whole lotta loud, right there! LOL I only have one of my 3, that plays the piano (and he is 9) so even that can be loud (music to my Mom ears, though!). I found your blog via Southern Mommas and wanted to say hi and hope you have a happy Friday!

  2. Thank you! Loud is the normal setting around here. I really like Southern Mommas, you have a happy Friday as well!