January 28, 2011

History Repeats Itself

I'm beginning to think Marisa can't see over the steering wheel! I thought something was fishy when she backed into the driveway last night. Danny and I were suspicious, but in the dark, we didn't see anything out of the ordinary...other than the car being backed into the inclined slope of our driveway at night. Hmmm!

As I was walking to the mailbox, something on the passenger side front corner caught my eye. Low and behold, there was another scrape! Same place as the last time, only BIGGER! In fact, the first scrape is covered up completely by the second scrape. It looks as though she was pulling into a parking spot or out of a parking spot and couldn't see over that side of the car to clear whatever was in the path.

I know where she was both times this occurred. She swears she didn't hit anything! I don't know what to make of this yet. No depth perception? Carelessness? Night time driving? Not paying attention? Just can't see over the steering wheel?

True confession...I ran into a fire hydrant one night while diggin' in a bag of Jack-in-the-box french fries. Knocked the bumper loose. Next morning my dad asked what happened. I told him I didn't know. History repeats itself and I'm definitely payin' for my raisin'.


  1. LOL!!! Oh my goodness, Angie! You better hope you don't have to pay the full price for your raisin'! ;-)

  2. How about no car until the truth is told. That is what my daddy did to me when I put a dent in his car my jr year. I also said I didn't know what happened. A week later I was spilling the beans. I hit one of those cement poles at the bank drive in.. Funny now, wasn't then. Evelyn

  3. I know, right!? I'm going to pay and pay and pay for 2 more years, I can tell!

    I know what is happening...she is scraping an old fence post when she backs out of a driveway at her friend's house. They had a cinder block wall put up and took out the wooden fence panels, but kept the posts up. She parks in the driveway and pulls up beyond the remaining posts to nose up to the wall. She can't navigate it and is afraid we will take the car away. There is no parking on the street over there.