August 14, 2010

Under A New Roof

It's difficult to get into a routine following summer break, especially when a new roof is going up. This is the first time in the life of the house that we got a new roof. So much hail damage from the Spring storms forced our hand. Now that our summer is coming to an end and extended vacations are over, it's time for the new roof.

The nice thing about this job is that it's 100% covered by insurance.
Well, the 'cost' will be in a new homeowners rate next year.

The day after we returned from Vegas, the roofers called and said they were going to stop by for a 'roof drop'. They put the rollaway in the drive and the new shingles on the roof.

These guys worked for 2 days, made a big mess and lots of noise.

They did clean up after themselves when the job was done.

Part of the repair is a new paint job. Now we are waiting for the paint guy to come by to try and match the colors. I hope he can't match them so we can get new colors on the trim and siding.


  1. nice looking house you have there Angie. The new roof looks great.

    We are going to eventually paint our roof. It will really change the look I think.

  2. Amazing how the color shingles changes the look.