August 19, 2010

The Studio

Since Tony is participating in online school for this school year, he needed a 'space' to do his work. I didn't want him to use his bedroom. Danny didn't think the kitchen table was ideal either. 'T' kept begging to set him up in the basement. Problem is...the basement is 90% complete. We still need to tape/mud/texturize the walls and install the cabinetry/bathroom fixtures. 'T' doesn't care, so really, why should we?

We told 'T' he could put up pictures knowing that they will have to come down whenever (if ever) the walls are completed. I cleaned out the drawers and this little bookcase for his use. The school provided him with a laptop and printer/scanner. He decorated the desk with things from his room.

He decided he wanted to arrange the old, haggard furniture we stuck in the basement so he can 'feel like it's my room' (more like a bachelor pad). We explained that this space is not his room and he must share with Marisa if she wants to hang out there too. I put out a snack tray on the table filled with chips, fruit cups, and mixed nuts. He moved the frig over from Danny's side of the basement so he could get a drink when he wanted (for Pete's sake!). He brought his personalized coaster in (it's a pic of him and cousin Parker). And, there ya' have it....The Studio!

Here's my girl, a Junior at Legacy high school. She was cracking up at T's excitement over the studio. I just love the picture behind Marisa here. She has grown up so much this past year. Good luck this year, Sweetie! Now, off ya' go...


  1. Awesome!! Good luck with T's online schooling!! Having his own space to work should really help!

  2. Agreed...and, thank you! I have a feeling the studio might turn into Wayne's World if we are not careful!