August 3, 2010

Ever Questing

My name is Garzael. I am a High Elf Enchantress with the Crusaders Valorous Guild. I am married to Danrael, a Gnome Magician.

I was originally kidnapped from the High Elf City of Felwithe by the god Bertoxxulous. And, as a Gnome servant of Bertoxxulous, Danrael was awarded me as a wife when he lead a raid against an enemy of Bertoxxulous.

I am an Enchantress, so I am a master of illusions. Bertoxxulous has turned my powers against me and forces me to live in a Gnome illusion. I am to auto-follow the Gnome Magician, Danrael.

But every once in awhile, my true imagine will appear and reveal the real Garzael, a High Elf Enchantress.

Okay, folks! This is the character that Danny created for me in the Sony game called 'Everquest'. This is what's taking us to Vegas: the SOE Fan Faire Convention! I think Tony had a character at one time called Pooty-Poot.

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