July 11, 2010

You Snooze, Your Laundry Doesn't Get Done

Rule for laundry at our house is simple...bring your basket to the laundry room and I will do it. I thought this was simple. Tony brings his basket down every Friday. Danny brings our basket down when I ask him to. Marisa, well, you'll see.

I hang the shirts to dry. Our dog likes to tear up the backyard, so I don't have a clothes line this year. I have to use the shower rods instead. As you can see, Danny and I had just a few items together.

My son, on the other hand, changes clothes often! Multiple times a day in fact!
This amount is since we returned from our trip to Texas. He's like his Uncle Jase this way.


1 comment:

  1. Marisa and Madeline would get on well. That is what her room looks like.

    Tony would probably get on well with Daniel. Daniel changes multiple times each day too.