July 27, 2010

I'm On Strike!

There will be no dinner tonight! I know it's summer. I know the kids are out of school. I know I have over-indulged teenage mutants. And, I know I asked them to clean up after themselves before I get home from work! I say that everyday, "clean up your mess by the time I get home."

Well, let me tell ya'...this sink ain't clean! Some folks would have a flat out heart attack if they came home to this! I was flabbergasted, but I refuse to clean up THIS mess. And, since Marisa is out driving with her dad and Tony is across the pond with a friend, it won't be done anytime soon. So there....no dinner tonight, I'm on strike!

Just keepin' it real (real gross, that it)...


  1. "What's for dinner, mom?"
    "I can't be expected to work under these conditions. I am on strike until my demands are met."
    heheheheeeee! You go girl!

  2. I totally support your strike and hope it gets some action from your employers.

  3. LOL! It took 5.75 hours, but sink was cleaned. Dinner at 9:45pm consisted of sandwiches!