July 31, 2010

Simply Polished

In preparation for the trip to Vegas next week, I went to get a pedi/mani. I typically just get clear polish on my fingers as: 1) I don't like polish on my fingers to begin with; 2) it peels/chips off to easily/quickly; and, 3) being in the health care field, I'm not supposed to.

But, I'm going to Vegas, so I felt I had to do something different! I ask for a simple little flower on each thumb to match the medium-sized flower on my big toes. Simple, fun, different for me.

I'm home snacking on the popcorn from the movie we saw last night (EEK! Did I confess that?), and I noticed that the simple little flower matches the color of the popcorn. I figured that was unique enough to blog about, so I got my daughter's simple Coolpix point-and-show camera.


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