July 13, 2010

The Office

I love my job. I am a hospice social worker. I love visiting with folks, talking with them about their lives and families. I love learning about life during WWII, life on the farm, life before 'advanced technology', life when times were simple. I visit folks in nursing homes, assisted living senior communities, and board & care homes. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to make field co-visits with our chaplins and nurses. So much can be learned! My routine social work visits are with men and women between the ages of 75 and 101! Truly, they are living history vessels! Rewards abound with this job.

One day a week I have to go to 'the office'. We meet as an interdisciplinary team on a weekly basis: the medical director, clinical manager, other social workers, nurses, chaplins, the pharmacist, CNAs, and bereavement counselors. The work becomes clinical, regulated, formal, yet necessary.

The drive into the office is not pretty.

No mountain views, only industry and factories, a sign of the times.

The Office
(only once a week)

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