February 19, 2009

Too Many Phone Calls

...from home. I guess Marisa and Tony are perched on the porch waiting for me to come home. I get phone calls daily in an effort on their part to settle any differences. My question....where's your Dad or Grandma? And, who's watching the puppy? Is anyone picking up the poop in the backyard or doing laundry or HOMEWORK even?

Everyday here in Texas, I'm busy cleaning out old documents, opening up new bank accounts, clearing past statements, probating things, sorting, setting up online banking, crying, smelling all of Mom's colognes and cold creams that she used to use, sitting in her closed just to be saturated with her, looking at old pictures, driving Dad around town, grocery shopping, making trips to the post office, doing Braums runs, organizing, writing thank you cards, answering emails, etc. etc.

So, to my kids, I love you dearly and hang in there. I'll be home soon enough. Then, you will wish I stayed in Texas........Muah!

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