February 8, 2009

Between The Numbers

I love reading Janet Evanovich books, especially the Stephanie Plum series. My mom and I take turns buying the newest release each summer. Now Janet has the "between the numbers" series. I'm just as stuck on those as the actually "numbers". I'm now reading Plum Spooky. I love the two men in her life, Morelli and Ranger. These "between the numbers" series has a new guy: Deisel. He's just as interesting, but more of a bum-type. Anyway, this how I'm passing the time at the hosptial. I'll read the funny bounty-hunting antics to Mom. I can tell this amuses her, too. Thanks Stephanie Plum, and sidekick Lula, for the laughs!

1 comment:

  1. I just picked up Fearless Fourteen from the library. I've read the other 13 and all the other books Janet Evanovich has written. I have Plum Lucky but haven't read it yet - got hooked on Twilight! I just love the easy read of the books. No thinking required - just lets my mind relax.