February 26, 2009


KC Sunshine is definitely living up to her name. It is very difficult to get her in the house once she has gone outside. She will sit in the yard and eat the grass, sticks, the kid's pitchback, poop, and anything else she can get her teeth into. Forget the fact that we have spent money on chew toys, treats, and rawhide. That's beside the point...KC Sunshine has turned out to be a cutie pie, so far. This is what she looks like when we call her to come back inside.
"Duh...are you kidding me? I'm not coming back in. I'm looking at you, but pretending I'm deaf."

"Nope, now I'm totally ignoring you and I think I heard something. I wonder what it tastes like?"

"Yes, I most definitely heard something! But, I don't see it yet."

Now, KC is not liked by everyone. Take Lucy, for instance. Every chance KC gets, she bites Lucy's thick, luscious, Chow-Chow tail. As you can see, Lucy is not lovin' the pup. And, as you can tell, KC can't wait to play with that tail.
"Help me, please! I'm dying a thousand deaths here."

Despite the pooch monster animosity, the kids love on KC all the time. I think KC loves this second to being outside. The kids better enjoy being able to pick her up while they can. Pretty soon, KC girl will be too big.
"I love you too, Risa, but I'd rather be outside. No offense."

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