November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Day

It all started with a turkey. Easy preparation: 1 whole turkey, salt, pepper, fresh sage, fresh thyme, fresh parsley, fresh rosemary, butter--lots of butter, chicken broth, an orange, an apple, a handful of cranberries.

Cover and grill...last hour add hickory for smoke. Done!

Made my mom's green punch: 2 pkgs lime kool-aid, 2 cups sugar, 2 quarts water, 46oz can pineapple juice, and 2 bottles ginger ale. Kids love it! Cheers! (Don't ask about the Tonster's hair. I'll tell you...he was bored, so he tried to straighten it while the rest of us prepared the meal. I think he tried to cut it, too.)

Danny got to start first.
He is serving my aunt Nell's dressing and my friend Angela's sweet potato casserole. and my babies!
Tony was sweet to put on a cap.

LOL! Of course, KC insisted on being at the table.
I call this photo 'the missing egg formation'.

Thanksgiving is very, very special to our family because Marisa's birthday follows.
This year she will celebrate her 17th on Saturday.

After our meal we took turns playing Mancala.
And of course, KC had to stick her nose in this as well.

The rest of the day will be filled with football, leftovers, slumber, and farmville.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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