November 7, 2010

A Great Day

Danny and I spent the day at the Colorado Country Christmas craft show yesterday. We always return to our favorite booths for holiday staples as well as new findings. Danny likes t0 like the fishing or cabin-life decorations. I like the lotions, soaps, and potpourri. We both like the foods: jerkies, jellies, dips, soups, etc. We also like the cooking shows.

Today we watched Chef Keith Jones, formerly known as 'The Champagne Chef'. He made blackened salmon with Amaretto orange butter sauce. It was fantastic, easy, and great for a holiday meal. Chef says that the recipe is just the beginning. I totally get that! We bought our favorite soup bases from Plentiful Pantry: Tomato Parmesan Bisque, Cheesy Enchilada Soup, White Cheddar Potato Soup, and White Bean Chili. Sometimes I follow the directions and have a soup in minutes, other times I use the base as just that, a 'base', and change it up.

I picked up bars of these soy-based scented bars that work wonders in this dry Colorado climate. I chose the scents: christmas tree, plumeria, acai, ocean, coffee, and lavendar. I found a new booth this year with awesome comes in a round bar! They are called Lavishea. I bought lavendar, vanilla passion, and coconut lime verbena. When the kids returned home last night, I had them wash their hands and try this stuff. Loved it!

We picked up our 'once-a-year' breads: apple strudel, asiago, and walnut-cranberry. We stocked up on our favorite dip mixes from Gourmet Farms of Colorado: Southwest, Green Chile, Chipotle, Sundried Tomato, Permesan Garlic, Spinach, Cheddar Bacon, Artichoke Spinach, and Jalapeno Cheddar.

I was so incredibly tired from walking the entire mart, the crowds, the over-stimulation. When I got home there was a package on the step from BeautiControl. So I spent the rest of the evening 'spa-ing'.

Today will be laundry day. Since the time changed I'll have an extra hour to get it done. Right...

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