February 17, 2010

Giving Back

Ever get one of those postcards in mail asking for donations to ARC or the Veteran's or some other charitable organization? We get them all the time. We gather up stuff to put on our porch every month. We've even donated 2 cars! Not only does it feel good to donate, it feels even better to purge it out of the house.

We go one step further with giving back. Our family actually volunteers! Yes, we walk the walk! This service awareness started when the kids were in scouts. We've volunteers at the Memory Care unit in an Alzheimer's facility, built bird feeders for parks, mowed yards for the elderly neighbors, delivered Thanksgiving meals to the elderly and homebound, and planted trees after the Haymen fire. We even shop at ARC Thrift Store. Believe it or not, this is actually beneath some people to do. Sad...

This year Marisa and I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity's thrift store. Marisa was in charge of sorting and displaying shoes, belts, ties, and purses. She did an awesome job that was noticed by the store manager. I sorted through children's clothes. We learned that nothing is thrown away! When sorting through the bags and boxes, what is not used in the store is actually rebagged for different missions. These missions could be homeless shelters, women's shelters, non-profit service agencies, churches, and oversees needs. The various missions will actually bid on bags of clothing.

And get this! The bags that are not bidded on are taken to the recycle center and processed for car manufacturers. The clothing is used for the stuffing in the seats...this includes BMWs and Cadillacs to trucks and SUVs.

Give back...volunteer! It does the soul good!

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